How It Works

How Does OasisPlus Work?

OasisPlus puts critical information and tools into your hands when you need them most. It operates within your existing emergency procedures to help you react quickly and manage your earthquake response. 

Building Motion & Sensors 

When your building shakes, sensors measure the movement, and OasisPlus evaluates the results based upon detailed understanding of your building’s expected performance against the type of motion measured.

This evaluation is translated into a heatmap with a set of alert levels that indicate the impact you should expect in the different areas of your building.

Are occupants in distress? Where should you expect nonstructural damage? Should you expect actual structural damage in your building? OasisPlus answers all of those questions in real-time. 

Building Alerts & Safe Reports

When an earthquake hits, we all feel a moment of panic. As soon as your building moves, OasisPlus sends a Building Alert to each occupant who uses the mobile app. This alert snaps them out of that momentary panic, and reminds them of the proper response: Do Not Evacuate – Drop, Cover, and Hold On.

A detailed SAFE Report is automatically sent out to your designated list of recipients. This can be your leadership, response team, or even your structural engineering partners. The SAFE Report includes information on the alert levels across your building, as well as detailed building response information such as inter-story drift that your engineers will find helpful in assessing your structure. 

Response Team & Management Console

Once the building has stopped moving, your response team (and other users of the mobile app) can check-in. They indicate their location, and whether they are injured.

Your leadership team uses the Management Console to access information on alert levels for each section of your building. This informs you of the impact to expect throughout the different areas of your building, including everything from occupant discomfort to potential structural or nonstructural damage.

Occupant check-ins are shown in a similar manner, giving you an instant understanding of the status and location of your team. You can send messages and instructions to app users (for example where to gather to coordinate your emergency response).

Injuries, Hazards, and Safety Checks

Occupants use the mobile app to send in categorized injury and hazard reports with just a couple taps. Your response team submits the results of their assigned safety checks in the same way. These reports and checks show up immediately in the Management Console, providing you with the information you need to make responsible decisions.

Through OasisPlus, you see the impact to your building, the location and status of occupants, and the results of your emergency response safety checks. You have a very high level of situational awareness, and the ability to focus your resources to the areas that need it most.
Finally, if you determine that you need to evacuate, you can activate the evacuation directly from the Management Console. Mobile app users will be sent an evacuation alert, along with the exit routes directly to their phone. 


Once the event has ended, OasisPlus provides the ability to print out a detailed report of what happened, including sensor information and anything submitted via the mobile app. This helps you assess how effective your emergency procedures were, and with itemizing the results of your safety checks.

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