What Are SAFE Reports

How safe is your building after an earthquake? 

You may have invested in seismic instrumentation, developed an emergency response plan, and trained your occupants.

But is your building safe? Should you expect nonstructural damage? Are your occupants in distress?

How do you know? Are you still making decisions based upon what you see, or how strong the earthquake feels?

SAFE Reports enhance your building instrumentation to deliver immediate information on the expected impact to everything important within your building immediately after an earthquake.

• Structural Systems: the building itself
• Nonstructural Systems: architectural systems, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, & building contents
• Occupants: tenants, staff, and visitors

Now, rather than guessing, you can know exactly what to expect following an earthquake.

• Understand the impact to your building and occupants
• Avoid unnecessary evacuations to protect tenants, staff, and visitors
• Enable better-informed decision making to improve emergency response
• Get new value out of your investment in code-compliant seismic sensors 

How SAFE Reports Work

We leverage your seismic instrumentation to gather building motion data as soon as the building begins to move. This information is compared against the performance characteristics of your building to produce a heat map outlining the expected impact on the structural and nonstructural elements of your building, as well as its occupants.

The report is delivered instantly to you, and any other recipients you designate. Delivery can be via email, text, or any other appropriate method.

The report contains detailed engineering information from the sensors, as well as alert levels based upon the Building Occupant Shake Impact scale. 

What is the Building Occupant Shake Impact Scale 

What is the Building Occupant Shake Impact scale?

Building Occupant Shake Impact is calculated based upon sensor readings from your building compared to engineering details about its construction.

An intensity level is assigned that provides immediate information about the expected impact to the structure, nonstructural elements, and occupants.

The BOSI level provides all of this information in a single value. 

For OasisPlus

SAFE Reports are a critical piece of the OasisPlus platform, and are included in each implementation. This provides precise information based upon the detailed engineering of your specific building. The alert levels generated within SAFE Reports are also displayed within the OasisPlus Management Console to simplify access for you and your team.

For Code Compliant Instrumentation

If you don’t have a full OasisPlus system, you can still benefit from SAFE Reports.

SAFE Reports can use data gathered from most building code-compliant seismic instrumentation. In this case, we perform the evaluation based upon the category of your building (size, design, materials, age, etc.) to create the heatmap.

This building-specific information helps you make better-informed decisions about how to respond to the emergency. 

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